Softball FAQs

What is Gateway Softball?


Whether you are looking for a place to play so great ball, meet new friends, connect to a mentor, grow spiritually or serve your community, there’s a place for you right here in Gateway Softball.  In the Fall of 2014, we had over 30 teams in 5 cities. Over half of the Gateway teams qualified for postseason tournaments in their respective divisions, and 6 teams won the championships.  So if you like good play, you will find it.  But being competitive is a small part of what Gateway softball is about.  We play in city leagues with non-church teams.  That is purposeful.  It is an opportunity to be part of our communities, and be a light there.  Playing on the field and acting off the field with such of level of sportsmanship and integrity that causes others to want to know more about our Awesome God is our #1 goal.  Regardless of success on the field, we will mark our success by how well we impact lives for the Kingdom of God.  Finally, Gateway teams are fun!  This is your opportunity to connect, fellowship, have fun, and be ministered to and to minister to others.


Do you have to be a member of Gateway church to play?


No. This is a great entry or connection point for people with Gateway Church and the Kingdom of God.


How do I register?


Registration is conducted online.  Go to


What are the costs of playing?


The registration fees are $35 per season and $25 (one time) for a Gateway jersey which is required (unless you’re a returning player.)


Where do the teams play?  


We offer Men's and Co-Ed teams at most Gateway campuses.  During registration you pick where and when you want to play.


What days do Men’s Teams Play?


NRH - Thursday  nights..

Grapevine - Sunday nights

Frisco - Tuesday and Thursday nights

N. Ft Worth - Tuesday nights

Grand Prairie - Monday nights


What days do Coed Teams play?


NRH - Friday nights..

Grapevine - Sunday afternoons

Frisco - Friday nights

N. Ft Worth - Friday nights.

Grand Prairie - none at this time

How many games is the season?

It varies from city to city.  Most seasons are 8 to 10 games plus a tournament if the team qualifies. 


Where are the fields located?


Southlake Campus:                   NRH Campus:              Frisco Campus:

Oak Grove Softball Complex     Northfield Park              Shawnee Trail Sports Complex

N. Dove Loop, Grapevine        7804 Davis Blvd, NRH     6501 Hillcrest Rd, Frisco


N. Ft Worth Campus:                  Grand Prairie Campus:

Willow Creek Park                              

      N Knowles Dr
            @ W. McLeroy Blvd  

Saginaw, TX 76179                                


Can you play on more than one team?


Players can play on several teams, but only one team in the same division except for coed for fun.  You must register and pay for each team you play on, and purchase a jersey for each team.


What are the levels of Teams?

Men’s:  In some cities, we have competitive and Recreational/For Fun Men’s teams. Our competitive teams have limited spots and are filled by tryout or "coach's look". If you come out to the tryout and are not picked for one of the competitive teams, you will be placed on a recreational team. This does not always mean you are not at the competitive level, it simply means that we are full at your position. You are always free to try out again.  Tryout attendance is mandatory to be placed on a Men’s competitive team.  If you are unable to attend the tryout, you will be placed on a Rec/For Fun team.  Before you think that is all that bad, we assure you that these teams and leagues are very good.  During the season, the competitive managers will find any competitive players on the Rec teams and seek to bring them up with Commissioner approval.

Our recreational teams tend to be competitive within their divisions, but are "for fun" teams. There is a     meet the coach/first practice for recreational teams that is separate from the tryout for the competitive teams. We use it to make sure we don't end up with 12 outfielders and 1 shortstop on a team. 


Both the competitive tryout and meet the coach sessions serve to introduce you to our program, leadership, and vision. We want you to get connected. If you sign up for one, and later change your mind, just email us, and we'll put you on the appropriate list.


Co-Ed: Most Co-Ed teams are Recreational/For Fun.  A few of our teams play in a slightly higher level of competition.  Just like the Men’s teams, our recreational teams tend to be competitive within their divisions, but are "for fun" teams. There is a meet the coach/first practice for all of our Co-ed teams. The more competitive teams will pick the more competitive players at this practice.  It also helps use place you where you are needed according to your position.  Once again, we use it to try to make sure we don't end up with 12 outfielders and 1 shortstop on a team.


Are there Tryouts?


Only for our Men’s competitive teams.  For all other teams, we will have a Meet Your Coach/First Practice.


What happens at Tryouts and Meet Your Coach/First Practice?


These events allow us to fill roster spots on teams and allow us to get a better understanding of what type of team would best suit your needs. It also allows a coach to fill a particular position. The coach may need an outfielder, shortstop, etc.  On occasion, we will not have enough players to form a new team or no coach for a team and the extra players will be placed on a waiting list or asked to change to either a men’s, coed or another location in an effort to place you on a team.


When are the Tryout and Meet Your Coach/First Practice?


You will be notified with times and locations after you register.


What happens if I cannot be at the Tryout and Meet Your Coach/First Practice?


Tryouts for the Men’s competitive teams are mandatory as stated above.  For all other teams, if you are unable to attend the Meet Your Coach/First Practice, we ask that you send an email to and we will place you on a team with the information you provide us.


Is there an age limit for Playing Softball?


Ages are 16 and up. We have several players in their 60’s.


What if I wanted to coach a team?


Each team is a Gateway Group, each coach must meet the requirements of Gateway Groups leaders.  If you’re interested in coaching, we want to hear from you! Simply fill out and submit the Gateway Leadership Application, and we’ll provide you with the training and the leadership support you need to be successful.


Is there child care available?


No, but we have many strollers in the dugouts and several of the parks have play grounds.




When do teams practice?


Teams might have 1 or 2 practices before a season starts, but very few teams practice during the seasons.


What if I have not played in years?


We try to put you on a team with other players of similar skill levels. We attempt to place our teams in skill brackets in the leagues. We have teams that are newbies and others that are tournament teams.


What equipment will I need?


Our teams are supplied with bats and balls. You will need your glove and it would be good to have some rubber softball cleats. Metal cleats are not allowed. You will purchase a Gateway Jersey during the registration process.



What if I can’t commit to playing every game?


You are not required to attend every game. Communicate with your coach regularly on the days you cannot attend the games. Everyone understands you are here to play softball and have fun but may have other obligations.  Just allow you coach enough time to find a replacement for those games you would miss.


Can I request to play with a specific friend?


Yes.  There is a place to indicate that in registration. It also helps if the friend also lists you on their registration. If you list more than two friends, we will attempt to ensure that you are placed with your friends if openings are available on that team. We make every effort to put you with friends and/or family members. We have had up to 7 family members on a single team and whole life groups have come in to form their own team.


Can I request to play with a specific coach or team?


We can honor requests to play with a specific coach or team IF there is an opening on that team.


Are the leagues ASA or USSSA/UTRIP?


Different cities play under different rules.  Grapevine and Frisco are ASA and North Richland Hills is USSSA (UTRIP.)  Depending on which city you sign up for our leagues follow USSSA rules and are officiated by certified USSSA umpires and ASA rules with ASA umpires. Umpire fees are included in the league registration fee.


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