Flag Football FAQs

What do I do if I lose or don’t have my team jersey?
Each team is required to have all members wearing the same color shirt (provided by Gateway).  If a player is unable to wear the shirt provided then a shirt of the same color might be worn.  For a player to participate they must be wearing their team color.

What kind of shoes can I wear?
Any flat soled or football cleat shoes are acceptable. Baseball or track spike, or any shoes that have steel or metal tips are prohibited from being worn. 

What kind of protective equipment can I wear?
The use of any hard and unyielding substance used to protect any injury cannot be played with, no matter how well padded or covered. Small knee braces for previous injuries are the only exception if the referee decides it will not hinder the safety of the other players.

Do I have to bring my own football?
Yes, teams are required to bring their own footballs.  Footballs also have to be regulation size.

What does a team do if they will have players missing for a game?
Teams will have 5 substitution tags per season.  A substitution tag is when a team has a player who cannot play and they want to use an outside player to fill his spot for that week.  The players on your roster have to outweigh the number of substitute players for a game: i.e. if you use 3 substitution tags in a game then at least 4 players participating must be from the original roster.  If a team cannot do so then they will have to forfeit.  If you have 7 or more players present for a game then a substitution tag cannot be used.  Substitution tags also cannot be used during the playoffs, May 17.

How often can I substitute players during the game?
During games, there will be free substitution as long as players being substituted for are off the field prior to the next snap or are out of the area of play.

What does a team do if they have less then 7 players present?
If a team has less then seven players due to absence then the opposing team has the option to play with less and make numbers even or continue to play with seven.   If a team has 4 or less then they must forfeit: i.e. the lowest numbers a game can be played with is 5 on 5.

How many timeouts does each team get?
Each team will have the option of two 30-second time outs or one 1-minute time out per half.

How long after original game time does a team have before forfeiting?
If 15 minutes passes from original start time and a team has less then five players or the team has not shown up then an automatic forfeit will be given. 

Can a player be going in motion while the ball is snapped?
A player can go in motion pre-snap but they must be going parallel to or away from the line of scrimmage to be legally in motion.  Any infraction is a 5-yard penalty. 

Can the center run a route after he snaps the ball?
Yes..The center can run for a route after snapping the ball.

How many passes (laterals) are allowed in a play?
There is no limit to the number of passes, or laterals, you can have in a play.  But after one forward pass is made, the ball cannot go forward again just like regular football rules. 

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